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About Us

Aiwa Express Cargo is the leading and most recognised cargo service provider in Qatar. An ideal partner for those who are seeking cost-effective cargo representation throughout the World.

We have been providing cargo services to businesses and consumers for many years, including providing a whole range of value-add services such as packaging solutions.

Our staff’s in-depth industry knowledge makes them our most valuable asset. We will build a relationship with you and invest in understanding your needs. Through regular communication we will keep you up to date with everything you need to know.

We have implemented advanced technology and business systems, physical points-of-presence and complete packaging and freight solutions to manage the growing demand of customers.

We guarantee reliability, professionalism, and transparency in everything we do.

Our Services

Air Frieght

Regardless the size and type of your cargo, we can offer you suitable air freight cargo delivery solution

At Aiwa Express Cargo, when you opt to air freight your cargo with us, we arrange your shipments via the following ways:

  1. consolidated freight (where several shipments are included on the same flight),
  2. direct services (where a single shipment is shipped), and
  3. charter services (where a single freight aeroplane is used for a single air freight delivery).

Sea Frieght

Sea freight involves transporting goods via shipping vessels either in the form of packed cargo inside containers or in bulk form (via specialised shipping vessels).

As the most cost-efficient choice of international shipping, sea freight is sought after but it must be noted that journey times and transit times can differ due to the sea freight process. Sea freight cargo, much like air freight also comes with restrictions for shipping cargo in terms of safety and legality.

Road Frieght

Ship your cargo domestically with Aiwa Express Cargo. Utilise our courier delivery, moving and removal, and inland freight transport by road, air modes for your cargo moves.

We have our own fleet of road freight vehicles and we are partnered with other transportation modes to ensure that your cargo gets from Destination A to Destination B with ease. It is utilised in various modes of transportation such as air and sea freight when it comes to picking up and dropping off cargo. Be it a document courier or express delivery of a package or even of cargo boxes or chests, we at Transco Cargo can assist you in ensuring a smooth process, from start to finish.

Why Choose Us

We have built up an extensive network of experienced international partners we can trust. This means we can help you move your goods between Qatar and any major port or transport centre worldwide.

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